Cancellation Policy

Meeting Instructions

Our meeting time is 6:30 am at the boat in the Homer Harbor for summer charters. Please don’t arrive early as the captain is still preparing for the day by getting tackle ready or prepping the right equipment for the charter. 

At 6:30am, your captain will allow you to board the boat, introduce themselves, talk about any need-to-know boating and safety information as well as ensure you are fully prepared with your fishing license and creature comforts. 

Winter charters are arranged on a per case basis as daylight dictates starting time. 

Fuel Surcharge

A fuel surcharge may be added should the price of fuel rise above $5.00 per gallon at the fuel dock (Homer Marina/Petro Marine Services). The fuel surcharge would be commensurate with the fuel price increase. All guests would be informed of this surcharge prior to the scheduled charter date.

Health & Safety

Ocean fishing is fun and can be physically taxing. Please discuss with us AHEAD of time any concerns you may have. If you are not in optimum health (heart conditions, prone to seizures or fainting) or have a condition that precludes you from being away from immediate health care, this may not be the excursion for you. Please disclose and discuss up front any concerns you may have as crew and passenger safety are our #1 priority. 

Anglers must be able to navigate the fishing deck, the ramps to the boats in the harbor, and the boat restroom facilities. There are instances where we can tailor a private charter with accommodations, but in filling a boat with various clients, we want to be sure each angler has the excellent experience they paid for.


You will need to present your fishing license prior to departure in the morning. Unless you are fishing multiple days, a 1-day license should be sufficient ($15 fee). If you are targeting King Salmon, you will need a King Salmon Stamp ($15 fee). There are multiple day licenses and stamps available if you have more than one charter booked. 

For those under age 16, no license is needed, but you will need to bring a harvest card, which is free.

Licenses and more information can be purchased online at Alaska Dept of Fish & Game or at most local sporting goods stores and tackle shops in Homer:

Fish Processing

While you do all the hard work of catching the fish and reeling up your dinner, we facilitate the processing for you. Filleting is done by an appropriately named fillet company called Buttwhackers located by Ramp 1 behind the Salty Dawg Saloon

Arriving at the harbor, their fish haulers will come and grab your catch from the boat. They will hang your catch and clean them so you can have one last photo before your fish starts looking like dinner. Buttwhackers will then fillet the fish making for a great display of quality filleting. This service is included in your charter fee.

After the fish are filleted, if you’d like your fish processed (cut, vacuumed sealed, boxed, mailed, etc.), we recommend Homer Fish Processing (HFP). Buttwhackers will arrange with the processors to pick up your catch at the fillet tables. At this point you can pat yourself on the back and go get a drink at the Salty Dawg Saloon and tell your fishing stories with the array of characters found at the iconic bar. Homer Fish Processing will pick up the fillets from Buttwhackers. This is an add-on cost to you as personal preference after filleting requires making some choices. 

Your choices include:

More information on fish processing and pricing on our FAQ PAGE.


While we hope that every day we have sunshine, no waves, and breaching humpback whales while you reel up your fish, we know that Alaska has a sense of humor when it comes to weather. Weather is unpredictable here regardless of the time of the year. We recommend dressing in layers. The cabs of our boats are heated and very comfortable, however, you can’t fish from inside the cab. Plan for multiple layers with the exterior layer being water and fish-slime proof. Shoes/boots should also be non-slip as well as water/fish-slime proof. While we ideally want to keep you clean and dry, we love when you look like you’ve been battling a fish and you won. Blood and scales are a sign of a successful trip.

Food & Drinks

You will need to bring your own lunch, snacks, and drinks. Glass is NOT ALLOWED on board, nor extremely large coolers. It will be a long day of fishing, so you will get hungry and need to stay hydrated. There are a few restaurants that offer boxed lunches. Safeway usually has some sandwiches prepared or you can easily find all the supplies to make your own. 

While the captains also bring their own lunches, they tend to be extra happy when snacks are shared. Full bellied captains = happy captains. 

Other Items