Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the weather is bad?

Weather can be lots of things day to day. Our captains make 95% of weather calls the morning of your charter based on the most current weather information. If the forecast is bad enough, on rare occasions, we’ll call the trip the night before so you may have time to plan other activities. Please keep in mind that our captains have different locations that can be fished depending on the weather patterns. Each captain can make their own weather call as they are personally responsible for your safety when you are aboard their vessel. All trips cancelled by your captain due to weather are fully refundable. 

Is there a bathroom on board?

Yes! Who would want to be out at sea for 8+ hours using a bucket or worse “hanging off the side”?! Not us! Both our vessels have private heads consisting of a flushing marine toilet. Although not a big throne, it gets the job done so you can rest assured that you’ll be comfortable while you’re out at sea. Ask your captain about the bidet option. [Just kidding, avoid using the toilet while the boat is in motion.] 

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes, you will not be able to fish if you do not present a valid fishing license and corresponding permits depending on your trip type.

Can I avoid a King stamp until I get a King?

No. Prior to leaving the harbor we need to satisfy all Fish & Game regulations according to your trip type. 

Will the captain help me reel my fish?

If you are not in optimum health (heart conditions, prone to seizures or fainting) or have a condition that precludes you from being away from immediate health care, this may not be the excursion for you. Legally, you have to set the hook into the fish. If you are struggling, you may ask for help from your other teammates or from the captain, but do keep in mind the captain has to manage the boat, the clients, and ensure safety and attention for everyone. You will not be judged, but you may lose some bragging rights. 

Can I bring bananas on the boat?

Historically bananas have been a superstition on boats. Some captains will throw your bananas out of the boat if they find them among your snacks. Do check in with your captain on the morning of your trip for his current banana policy. 

How much does fish processing cost?

We recommend using Homer Fish Processing. Filleting is included in your charter rate so the following prices are for filleted fish:

Can I take a fillet after the charter somewhere to have it cooked?

Calling ahead is best, but Captain Patties and Harbor Grill can cook your catch after your trip. It will be the freshest fish you’ll ever eat! 

What should I wear?

Dressing in layers is the key to staying comfortable. Typical attire looks like a moisture wicking t shirt or long sleeve, with a fleece or sweater, topped with a waterproof/wind resistant layer. For bottoms, leggings or hiking pants should do just fine although water resistant or a water proof layer is best as well. Sometimes, it can get a bit messy on the deck, which means a successful trip! Nonetheless staying warm and dry ensures you have a good time on the water. 

What if the weather worsens while we’re on the water?

Our captains do their best to gauge clients. Sometimes sea sickness happens and they are able to go to a different location to find calmer water. Please plan ahead and take motion sickness medication to assure you have proper protection regardless of the weather. The conditions that are in the harbor can be quite different than 20+ miles into the Cook Inlet.

Does my captain need snacks?

Always. Our captains work very hard to give you a fun and safe fishing trip. Please be kind and always courteous to them. We’ve never returned to the harbor with fewer people than we started with and we’d like to keep it that way. 

Can I bring my baby on board?

While we do like to start them young in Alaska, we don’t recommend bringing young children on the boat. These are long range trips that offer no space for naps or diaper changing space. If you cannot find a sitter and you would still like to bring them, you may need to book a private charter so you can have the flexibility you need for your family. Do call us and we can chat more.